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Tuesday, March 23, 2021 | 6:30-8:00 PM


A Free Virtual Community Session


Those without access to the internet may attend the session at the Glencoe City Center or CrossPoint Church in Hutchinson.

Are you on pandemic overload?  Do you feel worn out from the pandemic do's and don'ts?  Are you stuck on your real losses of people, events (wedding, deaths, anticipated events...)or the loss of dreams ( the much awaited arrival of a baby who comes with physical or mental disabilities, the forever marriage that doesn't last, the perfect life that crumbles due to addiction)?  Ambiguity is the vagueness and uncertainty that has overwhelmed us in this year of COVID 19 pandemic.  Not knowing who is carrying the virus or when it will end, our sense of "normal" is constantly being challenged.  We know the vaccine is coming, but when will I be able to return to normal?  Both our physical and mental health have been affected by the need to social distance and keep ourselves and others safe from the deadly virus.


Featuring Ted Bowman, Grief & Family Educator

No cost to attend, free-will donations are appreciated.

Questions? Email Jan at jan_mackenthun@hotmail.com

RSVP by March 12th to be entered into a drawing to receive a copy of Ted's book Loss of Dreams. Winner will be announced during the event. Must be "present" to win. 

Disruptive changes are commonplace and challenging. Resiliency is required, though not always easy to activate. Coping well can be all the more challenging when the changes include loss of dreams for individuals and families and the ambiguity of an on-going pandemic.


In this practical session, participants will be presented with perspectives and tools useful at times like these. Stress overload, daily worries, and grief will be addressed along with honest hope and resiliency practices.


Ted Bowman is a grief and family educator who specializes in change and the resulting loss and grief. He has taught at the Universities of Minnesota and Saint Thomas and led workshops throughout Minnesota and other states. He is also the author of many articles and booklets related to loss of dreams.

Ted Bowman
Learn more about Ted at https://bowmanted.com.