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The McLeod County United Way and the Hutchinson Health Foundation Presents:

Community Conversations

"Where to Now?  Living with Changes and Loss- Healing with Honest Hope"


Grief and Loss Counselor/Educator 

My current work is consistent with what it has been for years – aiding individuals, families and organizations discover and build on their strengths to respond more ably to disruptive changes and the resulting loss and grief – now with the added reality of community tragedies and the pandemic.

For over two years, residents of McLeod County and the rest of the world have lived with incredible challenges brought on by a pandemic, racial strife, violence, changes in our environment and weather patterns, and stresses of everyday living.  Now the disequilibrium is tilted even more by war in Ukraine.  For our third gathering, Ted Bowman will speak along with a panel of community practicioners, and engage with the audience in a conversation about how families, schools and organizations can support coping well in these troubling times.  The intent is to build on local strengths, naming them and envisioning plans for the future

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Door Prizes

April 11th 2022-6:30-8pm

Hutchinson Event Center

Hutchinson Event Center,

1005 HWY 15, Hutchinson, MN


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