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Mobilizing The Caring Power of Mcleod County

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Being healthy includes physical, mental, and social well-being. United Way focuses on community need including efforts to improve maternal and child health, increase access to healthy food, boost mental health support, ensure safe drinking water, and more.



Education is the key to opportunity and every child deserves the chance to receive a quality education. United Way helps more children access early childhood education, have the support they need to succeed in school, and be prepared for college and career.



United Way is focused on economic mobility, helping people and families to be financially secure. Ensuring people have access to skill building and career opportunities that provide benefits, the opportunity for increased wages, career advancement, and more.

Because change doesn’t happen alone.
With your help, there’s hope.

Our mission at United Way of McLeod County is to improve people’s lives by mobilizing the caring power of our communities. 
Our volunteer-driven nonprofit organization is dedicated to advancing the common good. 


 Help meet the critical needs of our neighbors through individual, group and company volunteer events.


Help us bring transformative change to our communities through any number of generous contributions from one-time donations to gifts of stock.


Are you a Change Maker?

Learn about how you can become one in our community along side us!

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