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Our Story

United Way of McLeod County has been serving the county since 1967. Our focus is understanding places of need in our communities and then empowering our places of strength, the hands and feet of McLeod County, to help find lasting solutions.

We are NOT just fundraisers. We are hand-raisers, friend-raisers & game-changers.


We are dedicated to helping McLeod County be a stronger, healthier & more United place to live for all. We do this by being a hub for individuals, small businesses, large corporations, and faith communities - people who want to do good in McLeod County. By using collective action we can make true impact. 


Great things happen when we Live United.

UWMC Lego Mosaic
Community Conversation on Poverty
Kickin' it for McLeod County
Volunteers in action!
Chamber Golf Outing
Living on the Edge
Kickin' it for McLeod County
Workplace Giving